Gen. Patton Museum Welcomes its first PFC Sponsor under the new Sponsorship Program

major billOn Wednesday March 26, 2014, a 10 year old boy named Tejas Pulavarti, walked into the General Patton Memorial Mueseum with his parents, Mr. Srini ad Mrs. Manju Pulavarti and asked to speak to the manager. Young Tejas shared with the manager on duty that after visiting the General Patton Memorial Museum website and reading about the new sponsorship program he wanted to donate $200.00 and become a Private First Class sponsor of the Museum:  Tejas and his family traveled all the way from Los Angeles so he could personally deliver his sponsorship donation. Tejas is a remarkable young man, a bright and well mannered student at the UCLA LAB in Los Angeles and very interested in history.

Tejas and his parents toured the entire museum inside and out. He was excited to learn he was the first Private First Class sponsor and that his donation will be used to maintain existing exhibits and help fund new projects in the future.

The General Patton Memorial Museum could not have found a better friend on whom to bestow this honor. Welcome Tejas Pulavarti, the very first Private First Class Sponsor of the General Patton Memorial Museum!